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  365 Sparks for true self-awareness

You are ready to transform but seem to always fall short of support, motivation or discipline...

You know that yourdream of living a life free of confusion and self-doubt but you do not know how to do it...

You realize the power of a long-term program to fully transform your life but you think you cannot afford a full-time Life Coach...

                Imagine yourself learning how to support your                  greatest life and freeing your mind from fear.

                Imagine doing that in less than 10 minutes a day in the most affordable way!

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Imagine an affordable way to find peace of mind and joy. Imagine yourself engage in a life that supports your personal growth. Imagine doing that in less than 10 minutes per day!

"There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way." -Buddha



The Catalyst Daily Sparks is a guided course that offers you the most direct experience of transformation because it simultaneously integrates self-awareness, understanding, practice, consistency, focused direction,  and self-realization, all at once.

Specifically designed for the seeker who wishes to create an epic lifestyle of personal empowerment, it provides the most holistic approach to growth.

A Practical strategy for a Proven Method 

Imagine your at-home Catalyst, ready to guide your mind through the maze of your own chaos to a space of clarity where you re-emerge inspired, renewed and empowered!    

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This course is a year of goodness & positive vibes given to your life!

A Word From The Creator

Let's face it… There is nothing easy in the making of a new habit. This is why I have specifically designed this daily guidance. It provides you with short yet insightful introspective exercises that, with repetitions and commitment, build a tremendous momentum through which your mind opens and from which your dream-life unfolds.  

While you will find yourself, at times, challenged, perplexed and puzzled, you will also reveal yourself more empowered, clearer, more purposeful and certainly more centered.

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